Polina Firenze is a brand owned by Sesto Continente di Elvido Cataldo, established in Florence, operating from over 10 years in the production and distribution of hi-end fashion jewelry. The name is devoted to Polina Elvidovna Cataldo, the baby daughter of the owner and designer, and to Florence, cradle of the Renaissance and eternal inspiration source. Focused in Research and Development of innovative techniques of manufacturing and finishing, with particular attention to hand enameling processes, Sesto Continente selects the best workshops and materials in Tuscany to deliver the State of the Art of Made in Italy across. Polina Firenze takes directly care of the distribution of the brand in department stores, boutiques and jewelry shops across the world.



Over 14 continuative collections in full set and continuous development every season, thanks to the internal style office, make Polina Firenze a crucible of creativity.

The main inspirations of the style are geometric shapes and animal theme.

In Geometric Shapes is really possible to express the state of the art of the italian enameling process thanks to the colors matching and to the innovative artistic techniques.

Iconic and unique for the attention to details, the Animals Collections are pure research in the root of the ancestral rite of wearing animal accessories.

A special chapter is about the Keys Collection showing over 120 different styles, shapes and galvanic finishing in an ideal trip from florentine middle age keys to original hand carved cameos to the iconic shapes of modern cities.

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